Board of Directors


Michael Shaari

Founder and President

Michael is an incoming first-year at Harvard College. Michael is primarily interested in cultural exchange, not only with The Japan Periodical, but as the former President of the NYC Interfaith Network. Michael's interest in Japan was sparked after he hosted two exchange students from tsunami-affected regions of Japan.

Ari Borut


Ari is a rising senior at the Horace Mann School in New York City. Ari lived in Tokyo, Japan for three years in middle school. Having enjoyed her time in Japan, Ari was glad she could continue her Japanese studies at Horace Mann and further explore her interests through the Japan Periodical.

Lexi Schwartz


Lexi (Alexa) is a rising senior at Horace Mann School in the Bronx, NY. She is extremely passionate about all things Japanese. Alexa's favorite thing to do in her free time is play tennis and connect with friends. She is very engaged in the Japan Periodical and finds that there is so much to learn from it.

Amelia Resnick

Vice President

Amelia is a rising senior at Horace Mann School in New York. She has been taking Japanese since she was in 8th grade and is fascinated by the language as well as the culture. Amelia hopes to visit Japan one day but enjoys learning more about the culture through the Japan Periodical.

Lila Daver-Massion

Managing Editor

Lila is a rising senior at Singapore American School. Lila previously lived in Tokyo, Japan for ten years, and Hong Kong for five years. Since Lila has spent so much time in Japan, she feels the culture has nearly become her own, and is she can continue learning and exploring her interests about Japan, through The Japan Periodical.

Momo Horii

Director of Global Outreach

Momo is a rising senior at American School in Japan. Momo has lived in Japan all her life, and as a ハーフ (half-Japanese and half-Swedish), she has multiple perspectives of Japan. She enjoys her time in the Japan Periodical by focusing on serious issues ranging from the economy to lighter themes like Ghibli studios.

Yui Hasegawa

Director of Global Outreach

Yui was born in Tokyo, Japan and currently resides in New York & New Jersey. She is half-Japanese and half-Chinese, and hopes to be able to bring her unique culture to life through the Japanese Periodical. Given the beautiful diversity of ethnicities in the States, she hopes that readers will learn more about traditional Japanese culture and how Japanese individuals/families/communities (such as her family) have adapted and blended in over the years.