Board of Directors 


Michael Shaari

Founder and Board Chair

Michael is a first-year at Harvard College studying Computer Science and Economics and a graduate from Horace Mann School '22. Michael founded The Japan Periodical in 2020, serving as President from 2020-2023, and he has served on the Board since then. 

Sammy Underberg


Sammy, a junior at Horace Mann school in New York City, has found her passion for writing through her Japanese class. Inspired by her freshman year class, she joined the Japan Periodical as a writer. While her high school class introduced her to Japanese grammar and vocabulary, Sammy aspired to deepen her understanding of Japan's rich culture. The Japan Periodical provides her with the perfect outlet to explore various topics related to Japan, beyond what she learns in class. Additionally, the Japan Periodical allows Sammy to connect with students worldwide, fostering a global community of learners.

Rena Salsberg


Rena is a junior at the Horace Mann School in New York City. Rena lived in Tokyo, Japan for six years when she was a child. Having enjoyed her time living in Japan, Rena was glad she could continue her Japanese studies at Horace Mann and further explore her interests through the Japan Periodical. 

Kiyomi Miura

Director of Global Outreach

Kiyomi is a high school senior at the American School in Japan. She is half Japanese and half American, and enjoys exploring the contrast between the two cultures. As a director of outreach she plans to take advantage of her connections in Japan and make the most out of the Japanese culture that surrounds her.

Toshihiro Odaira

Head Content Editor

Toshi is a high school senior at The American School in Japan. Toshi has previously lived in New York for 5 years, and enjoys to share his writing, something that The Japan Periodical allows him to do