Bill Tsutsui

Bill Tsutsui, Ph.D.

Award-Winning Economic, Environmental, and Cultural Japanologist

Dr. Tsutsui is a Havard-, Princeton-, and Oxford-educated Japanologist. Dr. Tsutsui has written several books about Japan's environment, culture, and economy, such as Manufacturing Ideology: Scientific Management in Twentieth-Century Japan, Banking Policy in Japan, and Japanese Popular Culture and Globalization. Dr. Tsutsui is also well known for his work on Godzilla. His book Godzilla on My Mind: Fifty Years of the King of Monsters (2004) is hailed as a “cult classic” by The New York Times. Dr. Tsutsui was a professor at the University of Kansas, acting as the director of the Center for East Asian Studies, chair of the Department of History, executive director of the Confucius Institute, and associate dean for international studies. Later, he became a dean and professor at Southern Methodist University and President of Hendrix College. Currently, Dr. Tsutsui is an Edwin O. Reischauer Distinguished Professor of Japanese Studies at Harvard University.

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